The Current Version is SunNET 4.2.0

Take a peek at what the SunNET network looks like right now

Right Click (or hold down the mouse button) here and select Save Link As... to download the latest version. (Text only.) The script is approximately 200K as of February 13, 2006. Please allow a few moments while the script is put together.

Click here to fill out a form which will update or install SunNET 4.2.0 for you.

This script can be uploaded to your MOO and will take care of updating or installing the SunNET program suite as appropriate. It will not insert $sunnet_pc into your player heirachy and it will not modify #0:user_* to call $sunnet_fo:user_* These are tasks which are considered risky and they must be done by hand.

The script assumes wizard permissions in order to work.

The script assumes sufficient quota if using object-based quota.

#0:user_connected, #0:user_reconnected, and #0:user_disconnected should add the lines:


just before set_task_perms(player) in each verb.

$sunnet_pc Should be placed somewhere between $player and $builder.